BBQ & Entertainment Two Outdoor Pavilions and over 5 Rural Acres.

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The Waymart Hotel welcomes you!

Here at the Waymart Hotel, we’re serving up great food, great entertainment, and great company. 

Since 1848, the Waymart Hotel has been the local spot to gather, relax, and enjoy family and friends. These days, people still come from miles around to sample what we have to offer, from our signature pizzas to our traditional smoked barbecue and so much more. We’re a 3-county favorite for our mouthwatering menu, stone garden pavilion, and live entertainment. 

Whether you need a go-to place for everyday family dinners, or you’re looking for a venue for your next event, the Waymart Hotel can handle it all. From the historic interior of our restaurant to the open-air patio under the stars, our venue is the perfect setting for your wedding, company party, or just a get together with friends.

From everyday eats to special occasions, the Waymart Hotel offers the perfect spot to eat, drink, and enjoy great company.